Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Nano Express is Chugging Along

I know by virtue of my publishing this on my blog a crash is bound to occur, but NANO (National Novel Writing) is going smoothly. I'm actually over 31,000 words. YEAH! Last year this time, I was in tears. The 50,000 goal was about as far away as the prospect of paying my credit card balance in full. This year I'm feeling like I might finish the whole book, not just reach 50,000 words.

What surprises me most is that I've been able to write everyday and still manage to keep my life functioning. Yes, there's dirt but it's not the embarrassing kind where you pray no one ever visits. We even had visitors stay with us for an extended period of time and still I managed to write everyday.

I've continued writing through indoor soccer tryouts, tantrums, bloody noses, way too many children running through my house, school closings, while explaining the rivalries between the European nations during the colonization of the new world, or how to regroup three digit numbers and while my toddler head-butts the screen of my laptop

I've written while standing up, laying down and even on the toilet (don't ask but it's the one room with a lock on the door).

I've even written holding a sleeping baby, a fussy baby, a curious baby and a baby prone to eye-gouging. I can squint and still see the screen.

I've written while the dog barks at the UPS truck, the FEDEX truck, the mailman, Rufus the Chipmunk who hangs out by the kitchen, the deer, the leaves falling from the trees, squirrels, turkeys, cars, motorcycles, at me for typing, her own reflection in the window and because she can.

If there were a writer's obstacle course, I'd be in medal contention. I just might be able to call myself a writer without having to look over my shoulder in case someone is listening.

Write on!

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Kristy Shreve Powers aka No Shame Novelist said...

If I'm not mistaken, you are now a NaNoWriMo winner! Go you!!!!! I am currently on a five-minute break and I think I've hit 46,000 with a whole 27 1/2 hours left.

I LOVE your profile picture.