Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Have My Room!!

What started as a plea for sanity has been transformed into reality. I am writing this entry from my new office.

Back when I made my announcement, it seemed like something I'd have someday in the far distant future. There was so much moving around to do and reconfiguring of "stuff" (sorry, there's just no better word for it) that I couldn't imagine this happening any time soon. Plus the perfectionist in me wanted to make it my perfect oasis which would require new flooring, paint, shelves, and a new sophisticated closet organizer with a place for my yarn, fabrics, sewing supplies, and stationery. Maybe I'd even make a brand new rug for the room. This would mean creating a design and purchasing the material but then I'd have to rethink the paint colors. And while I was at it, I'd need to paint my imposing office armoire to make it fit in with the decor. Following this line of thinking, I wouldn't have an office until my toddler was heading off to college.

It was my husband who pushed me forward saying, "Let's do it!" I had to let go of my fantasy and accept the reality. We started the slow progress of moving things out of the room this past weekend to the grumbling of the girls who didn't like the idea of moving the television and computer to the living room. This also required taking all of our books from the bookcases in the hallway and moving the book cases out of the way (let's just say, it's a heck of lot of books). We'll call this process Phase I. Phase II would have to happen this coming weekend.

But ho! The universe bestowed upon me a beautiful gift in the form of snow, freezing rain and dangerous ice accumulation. And as an additional bonus, the power went out. The kids were home from school, the driveway was an icy nightmare, my husband couldn't get to work, what ever were we to do? Hey let's move me into my office!

So we did.

I have this massive office armoire. It's large and imposing. On some days I love it, on other's I'd like to turn it into firewood. This behemoth had to be moved. My dream of a room of my own rested on this one question "Would it fit in the back of the house?"

I know the suspense is killing you and..... and.... yes, ladies and gentlemen, it just did fit (Although part of me was thinking we could sure use that firewood since the power was off).

I write this while sitting on my couch. My door is open and my little guy is fast asleep on me but I'm in my office. I'll get around to all those decorative improvements eventually. Right now my office is very much like me, a work in progress.


Heather said...

Congratulations on your new room, Sandra! I've been working on the same project here at my house, but I'm still in the moving in stage. I can hardly wait! It's been an ongoing project for a couple of months now, but we're getting closer...


Tricia Ballad said...

Congratulations Sandra! I've struggled with the "I want it perfect, or not at all" problem too. Good for you for accepting reality without giving up on the "Someday" aspect of wanting your office to reflect YOU.
Living at the Speed of Life -

Kate said...

Wow--you even have a couch!

SiriusWriter said...

Congrats! I miss my messy office. I think I'll finally finish cleaning so I can get back in there:)