Saturday, November 1, 2008

NANO Update- Day 1

So far, so good.

I usually get these grand ideas before I start any project. Unfortunately, they usually fizzle when they meet reality.

Today was no different. I decided I would wake up at 5am, head downstairs, make a nice cup of tea and then begin typing. I'd give myself a full three hours without interruption. Well, I did wake up at 5am and lingered in bed trying to convince my body it was a smart idea to leave the warm bed for the chilly, dark morning then I promptly fell back to sleep. With some disappointment, I crept out of bed around 6:45am where I did make that fabulous mug of tea and did begin typing at least an hour before interruptions started, so all was not lost.

I then spent the day fitting in writing wherever I could. While my son was at soccer practice, I was in the car typing away on Scene 28 which I'm hoping to complete tonight. (I need to finish at least a scene a day if I have any hope of completing this novel.) I escaped to my local Borders leaving my husband with a houseful of children- ours and a bunch of the neighbors- where I ordered a large Caramel Latte and wrote. More than two hours on interrupted writing, what a blessing.

Borders is only an option once a week so I'll have to go back to my grand scheme of waking at 5am (which will really be 4am when the time change kicks in-AAH!). Keep your fingers crossed.

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