Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm back!!!

2009 was an overwhelming year- back to college, back to school for the kids, taking my mother to the emergency room and managing her four months of rehab, and having her move in with us. I managed it all (not gracefully as I would have liked on all days). I even finished the semester with a 3.82 GPA and I'm eager for more next semester (check back with me come midterms and finals, I may sing a different tune).

Instead of the copious lists I used to make of goals and changes for the new year, I've decided to simply take it one day at a time. My one rule is to make certain I enjoy myself each day. Today I fell on my butt while using the sled as a snowboard instead of just staying in the house cleaning. You know, the cleaning will still be there.

So here's to laughing and having fun in 2010!! Cheers to all.

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