Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Feeding the Piggies

Last Friday I had a major craving for Cranberry Walnut bread and cheddar cheese so I convinced my little guy to leave the playground and head to Bobolink Farm located in Vernon, New Jersey. It was no easy task since the playground has a bazillion slides and the little guy has to slide down each one multiple times, especially the BLUE one! I lured him with the prospect of getting to pet some cows which somehow translated to "Mommy's going to let me bring a cow home," but I wasn't in the mood to quibble.

I discovered Bobolink when my big guy was going to preschool. His class did a tour of the farm and the moment I saw the wood-fired brick oven where they bake their bread, I was hooked. I'm not a big cheese eater but their grass-fed cheese made from raw milk is sublime. I'm partial to their cave-aged cheddar. Being able to visit the farm on regular basis is a wonderful experience and one of the reasons I love living out here.

We lucked out on this trip because we got to watch the pigs being fed.

This hefty bunch of gals were eager for their whey.

Not only do they get whey but day old bread. It looks like a face-off between chickens and pigs.

Don't let these downy ducks fool you. They managed to get the bread away from this pig.

And what about the piglets?

Like most toddlers, these 8 week olds wore more food than they ate.

Gratuitous cuteness shot.

We didn't get to see any cows but I got my bread and cheese and the chance to hang out on the farm. Priceless.

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