Monday, December 1, 2008


I started November confident of reaching beyond 50,000 words, receiving my NANO winner icon, and a completed scratchy rough first draft. None of these goals came to fruition.

Looking back it's easy to see where I went wrong. I should have put everything but the writing on hold- no laundry, no cleaning, no cooking (30 days of take out), hours of DVDs for my toddler, no trips to the library or playground or soccer practices,no hikes, etc. Anything that brought me away from the keyboard should have ceased. I would have reached my goals but the cost would have been too high.

I wrote over 46,000 words, about 128 pages but I did not finish my manuscript. But it's not all bad. I'm farther along than I was at the start of November. I now have more than 33 scenes in what is becoming to resemble an actual story. I've come too far to turn back now.

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your secret admirer said...

46,000 — a big achievement!!!! Can't wait to read the book!!!!