Monday, December 8, 2008

Who Needs Preschool Right Now?

This little guy will be three in February and I am utterly ambivalent about sending him off to preschool. Maybe it's because we really can't afford the extra cost right now. Or because I've gone through preschool anxiety twice already and another go-round doesn't thrill me. It could also be because he's my last baby and I'm not ready to give him up to the school day schedule just yet.

When I lived in NYC this wasn't a choice it was mandatory. To even get your child enrolled in a good school you had to prove they'd gone through pre-preschool programs. I knew people who hired consultants just to get them through the application process. Living in the country, I don't feel the same kind of urgency. There are times when I worry he might need a more formal education but then according to an unbiased assessment (okay well not completely unbiased) I realize he's mastered key areas of toddler development, for example:

Socialization: comfortably eases his way through social situations with key phrases like "It's my turn," "That's mine," and "He did it."

Natural Sciences: can distinguish between deer, cow, dog, goose, and bear poop.

Technology: can program cellphones to respond in Spanish and uninstall important software

Psychology: performed extensive stress and behavioral experiments with canine and rodent subjects ( sorry Kisses and Ralphie)

Anatomy: able to name body parts at appropriate and inappropriate moments

Improvisation: taken to mixing in phrases like "Oh, Dang It," "Oh Maaan!," and "Never mind" into his speech

These are just a selected handful of his skills. So do you think he needs preschool right now? I'm thinking he's ready to skip straight to college.


KA Cole said...

ROTFL! I love your assessments; your precious Little Man is brilliant!

My oldest is 4.5 and I'm still trying to navigate pre-school (after a horrible mishap when she went at 2yo and was injured the first day, and no one even knew what happened to her. Then a different school, a much better one, at 3.5, but money was tight and we had to pull her out).

I live in the country as well, so there is not a lot here to choose from. I can't afford the good ones 'in town' and that leaves me with only 2 options - and my heart sinks when I go to observe and think of putting her there. I just don't' know what to do at this point.


Scary Mommy said...

He's a genius!! He'll be in school soon enough-- you should enjoy him at home all you want. :)

Yolanda said...

The Ivy league is going to be knocking down you door to get that brilliant boy! I swear kids are now born with cell phone programming and texting capabilities.