Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!!

So the Snow Dance was performed. The night clothes were worn backwards and inside out. The spoons were placed under the pillows. Book bags were packed waiting near the door (it's very important not to tempt the bringers of the snow day). Then we went to bed and waited.

The first to wake up, I turned on the outside lights- no snow. I called the school and we had an official snow day. Could it technically be considered a snow day without snow? No way. So we waited.


it started.

Two hours later it looked like this:

It was an officially sanctioned SNOW DAY!! And then they could do this:

We were blanketed under a foot of snow. The kids spent their snow day sledding with reddened cheeks and filled with the belief that night clothes, a dance, and spoons under pillows could create this kind of magic.


Scary Mommy said...

Oh, how fun. I have such great memories of snow days! That last pic is so cool!!

april said...

Love that last photo of just falling snow!

Sandra Hamlett said...

The last photo is my favorite also. I didn't think the shot was going to come out at all but it looks magical.