Monday, December 15, 2008

Help Me Pick a Tree

The man who built our house originally had this idea of starting a Christmas Tree Farm. He put the trees in but never got around to selling them. The women who owned the house before us took out about 40 trees but we're still pine tree heavy. Since moving here in 2003, we've been thinning out the herd during Christmas.

Last year Yuri chose a tree so big it hardly fit through the door. He said, "It didn't look that big outside." So this year, I'd rather not compete with Radio City, I've set my sights on three trees. Here they are:

Contestant #1: It's the tree in the middle I have my eye on. It's not tall but it's full and bushy.

Contestant #2: I'm partial to this one since it's in an area which needs to be thinned out near our garden. Plus it's a Blue Spruce which is my favorite.

Contestant #3: This tree is towards the back of the house where it's absence wouldn't ruin the landscape and it's your traditional Christmassy tree.

Let me know which one you like and I'll keep you posted and show a photo of it once it's in the house and decorated.


kristen said...

I am totally digging number 2!! It has a beautiful shape!

Marjorie & Maureen said...

I like the one in the back yard. Which one did you pick?