Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Project 365 #45

Forbidden Fruit

Every once in a while I have to let her think she's gotten away with something. Today it was William's apple. She planned with the precision of a ninja, fading into the background waiting for the perfect moment. Her moment came when the apple was placed on the kitchen counter. A look left, a glance right and then up on her hind legs. The apple was hers.

Possession of the apple isn't what thrills Kisses. What excites her is my knowing she has the apple. She strutted around the living room dropping the apple every few minutes and growling hoping someone would pay attention to her stolen booty.

She dropped the apple on my foot, rolled it into the base board and then finally lay with it in front of her whining. Finally, I decided to end her misery and began chastising her. Here she is happily eating the forbidden fruit.

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